So what happens with my donation now that the government is temporarily reopening?

On January 25 Donald Trump announced that he would sign a Bill reopening government for 21 days; after which he may close the government again. Both Houses passed a bill to reopen government until February 15, and Donald Trump endorsed it. As of this moment, government has been reopened. But another reality is that we may need your donation soon, if Donald Trump closes the government again on February 15 as he stated he may do.

Because it's your money we would like to offer you the following options as to how you wish us to proceed.
Note: Some portion of your contributions has already been spent providing direct relief (i.e. paying utility bills, rent, and mortgages).

  1. Sit tight for now. Leave your donation money in the special accounts we've established for the next month or so and see what happens with the government. Donald Trump has indicated that he may shut the government down again by February 15. If you choose to sit tight for now, we will revisit this question on March 1st.
  2. On or about March 1st., barring any indication that the government will be closing again,  we would transfer the remaining undistributed balance into the general VFW veterans relief fund. This is a general fund designated to help all veterans that are active duty or have formerly served, with emergency relief (i.e. utility bills, rent, mortgages, emergency medical etc). I'd like to say that by March 1, we'd have a better indication of what is going to be happening.
  3. Refund any undistributed portion of your donation. *
  4. In the form we provided an option where you may type in your own preference. Please use the form below.

If you wish to respond now, we have created a form where you may express your preference. Click Here

If you have any questions, please contact us at mail@shutdownhelp.US

* How we would determine refund amounts. We would call on the VFW Quartermaster to total all contributions of cash, check, and credit cards (minus fees), then subtract disbursements. This would determine a ratio of funds spent on relief vs funds received. We would refund your proportion of remaining funds based upon your total contribution(s). If your contribution was make in cash or via check, we would ask you to provide  a copy of the receipt issued by the VFW acknowledging your contribution for tax purposes.